Friday, December 15, 2006

Build 0.1.9 released – help me debug it!

I've gotten a number of bug reports from people that build 0.1.8 hangs on the login and update progress screens. My hunch is this issue is related to the custom window manager I built for the application (the default java window management is very very basic), but I'm not entirely sure. Since the issue is not reproducible on my Cingular 2125, I'm having a hard time debugging it – which means I need your help!

I've cleaned up the logic and built in some instrumentation that should help. Build 0.1.9 is the result. Progress screens now have a "Dismiss" button that will close the progress screen.

If this is purely a windowing issue, pressing dismiss should bring you back to the previous screen, where you can interact with the application. Note that since the progress screen is there so that data structures can update quietly in the background, dismissing the screen prematurely could cause funkiness.

The new progress screen also contains an option to view the "Event log." The event log contains various debugging info that will help me diagnose your problems. So if you think that the application has hung, click the event log, scroll to the bottom, and send me an email with the last few events (or whatever looks interesting).

You can always view the event log later from the menu on the Agenda screen, too:

Thanks in advance for your help!

UPDATE: This build was originally released as, but due to some sort of weird limitation of the number of allowed subversions in the .jad file format, users were having trouble installing the application directly from their phones. I have therefore re-versioned as 0.1.9. Sorry for the confusion.

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